Why Choose Jay?

Here are some benefits of working with Jay:

Insurance consulting is a natural extension of Jay's vast experience and unique talents. After 30 years of providing seamless insurance products as an agent/broker/business owner, he has taken his career to the next level, where he can create the greatest value to his consulting clients. Jay Johnston
This is an authentic career choice and Jay loves his work.
Consulting is the essence of consumer advocacy. Jay believes that no one insurance broker or company can effectively manage the business insurance process without some level of conflict of interest. At best those conflicts limit choices. At worst they discourage new possibilities that can directly impact your bottom line.
Jay aggressively assists clients in managing the complicated insurance buying process through market evaluation, interviewing prospective brokers, agents and insurance carriers and coordination of the bid process.
Jay attacks specific areas that drive clients costs, including dominant exposures, claim reserves and safety related challenges.
Jay's vast network of associates within the insurance industry and personal sense of urgency in researching issues contribute to very positive results on behalf of his clients' interests.
Jay is only a few phone calls away from solving or resolving any issue.
Jay's ability to brainstorm possibilities without limitations has proven to be highly effective in helping clients gain control and save money.

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