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Jay’s professional speaking presentations are authentic, dynamic and insightful. He keeps his audience inspired, motivated and in their chairs…unless he has them jumping around.

Here are some of Jay's dynamic presentation topics:

Insurance Management Jay's dynamic safety presentations
Safety Management
Leadership Development
Behavior Management
Accountability Management
Achieving Safe Growth

"The Return on Investment (ROI) of Jay's Safety Presentations"

All of Jay's safety presentations have these three common elements, which he believes to be essential to achieving creative communication:

Jay feels we must Edify (instruct and strive for improvement), Entertain (to hold in mind) and Enlighten (give spiritual insight) to achieve successful safety communication results.

Jay's work puts him in constant touch with safety leaders, insurance companies, loss control inspectors, cause and origin expert witnesses and numerous organizations related to achieving and regulating safe growth.

Jay never knows when an idea or thought process will burst on the scene or slowly become a realization in the minds of his audience. He just knows that it happens from the feedback sheets, letters of thanks and personal contact after a presentation.

According to Jay, we all need to step outside our reality to appreciate what is happening and what is not happening. It is one of the only times when we can examine whether the safety emperor has clothes or if we are just fooling ourselves.

The return on investment (ROI) varies by topic, subject and issue of the day.

When Jay discusses the “Cost of Claims” he helps listeners understand how much product they have to sell to replace the cost of a claim to the bottom line.

Jay makes safety meetings memorable
Once they understand that cost and how much product they have to sell to stay even, it makes an impression that motivates safe practices.

For example, a business owner must sell so many dollars in product sales to achieve a net profit. With the understanding that insurance costs increase due to claims, deductible or retention, uncovered claims or loss control concerns, a seminar attendee can calculate that cost to productivity and the impact to the bottom line – before an incident occurs.

Jay makes safety meetings memorable


In fact, increased efforts of accountability and focus may well prevent that costly surprise in the first place.

This is just one example of how Jay's passionate presentations can save lives and increase productivity. Even a doubter would have to admit that this is a GREAT return on investment.

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